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February 24, 2010
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Souzousha Gun Set 12 by Souzousha Souzousha Gun Set 12 by Souzousha

[Edits made AUG 24 2010 - added simple color + border ]
Gun set #12, Quantity 15 , Subject - none.

# 1
Name - VAL .47
Caliber - .47 Magnum
Type - Revolver
Operation - Double action
Capacity - 5 shot cylinder

# 2
Name - BBL Target Pistol
Caliber - 22LR
Type - Automatic Pistol
Operation - Blow back

# 3
Name - Mossberg Model 98
Caliber - 12 Gauge
Type - Pump action Shotgun
Operation - Pump action
Based on - Various PAS / Model 88

# 4
Name - CPLV - 59
Caliber - 5.7X28mm
Type - Personal Defense Weapon
Operation - Gas
Based on - P90

# 5
Name - Dinge 4s
Caliber - 9mm
Type - 4 shot pistol
Operation - flip open single action

# 6
Name - Dinge 20s
Caliber - 20 Gauge
Type - Single shot Shotgun pistol
Operation - flip open single action

# 7
Name - Peterson Model 41
Caliber - .410
Type - shotgun revolver.
Operation - double action

# 8
Name - VXLM - 8
Type - Specialty Blade

# 9
Name - ? unknown prototype
Caliber - 9mm
Type - machine pistol
Operation - blowback

# 10
Name - OP-X3 Fragmentation Grenade
Type - Defensive Grenade
Operation - Fragmentation
Based on - Pineapple grenade

[ FAIL, I FORGOT #11 ]

# 12
Name - TNKA 40
Caliber - 40mm
Type - Grenade Launcher
Operation - Breech loading Single shot
Similar to- M79

# 13
Name - TAR 32 + M203
Caliber - 5.56X45mm + 40mm
Type - Bullpup Assault Rifle
Operation - Gas
Based on - Tar 21

# 14
Name - PLM-39 + JU 3
Caliber - 7.62X39mm + 30mm
Type - assault rifle / 30mm grenade launcher
Operation - gas

# 15
Name - CL' 556
Caliber - 5.56X45mm
Type - Assault rifle
Operation - gas
Based on - VZ 2000

# 16
Name - VSV-15
Caliber - 45ACP
Type - SMG
Operation - Blow back
Based on - Vector

I hate making up info for the guns
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BeadedGreenLizard Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
#11 is badass
Fenixxero Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
If I would pick two, they would be #2 and #14, they would just seem to be more of my personal taste in any fire-arm based weapon. The speed and power in the PLM-39m and speed with the BBL Target Pistol. Great designs by the way. Oh, and if it's ok with you Souz, may i use the BBL as a base handle design for a close-combat weapon of mine?
Souzousha Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. :meow: And thanks for the Fav, Much more firearm art available at my Firearm Group :iconfirearmvault: Do take a look.

As for #2 its a 22LR target pistol So stopping power is the last thing it has.
Accurate shots, larger capacities ,& no recoil would be its perks.

As for using parts of the design, Feel free Just mention credit if you feel needed.
Le-Bel-Inconnu Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
turn number 2 into a .44 auto mag and you'll make Dirty Harry look like an asshole
sniper6vs7rocket Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Number 4 looks like a WWII LMG, crossed with a modern SMG
DreamzAboutRenamon Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
$ looks like it can pwn!
megarockfan Featured By Owner May 1, 2010
Let me say this, while i see these guns as very interesting and "cool" looking they seem very inspired by video games more specifically "half life" and "unreal tournament" and possibly "halo" ( which is not surprising since i found this in game development pieces , though why I'm telling you is beyond me)and after looking through your other works I'm quite confident in my choice of words in saying that you have one of the most realistic drawn guns more so than others on this sight at least as far as Ive searched. But may i voice my opinion to you (remember this is just one mans opinion) there seems to be a lot of repetition in your designs (mainly pistols and shotguns, your rifles and SMG's are fine)just my opinion. oh and may i recommend a book one so called "Jane's Guns Recognition Guide Vol.5" one of the best books for looking and studying weapons design and the book is as accurate as of 2008 and a Smithsonian registered book (couldn't think of the right terminology) I'm sorry if this comment came of as quite jumpy and random but i have ADD and am listening to a Techno version of Beethoven while i am typing this. Thank you for your time.
Souzousha Featured By Owner May 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah thank you Finally I get a good comment to read & reply ^-^

Um Im a gamer But the only FPS games I play are Halo and COD
Halo - I absolutely hate as I learned more and more about firearms , realizing the great lack of details to there weapons How how much BS they try to pass off to the players.XC
COD is just as bad XC But MW2 is acceptable to my liking
as for Half Life there weapons are basic, UnReal tournament Iv never even seen gameplay so IDK anything about there weapons

As for weapon designs , To almost every one All Firearms are going to look the same
a trigger , ejection port, barrel, stock , hand guards Ect any features to the weapon class
If I draw a firearm in bullpup format No matter how distinct the design is Im going to have people telling me Its a FaMas or a TAR 21

Most of my firearm designs I draw while not looking at anything , Its only through remembrance of styles I like do I make firearms look like others Or common features
As much effort as I can put There will be some similarity of the thousands of existing designs
I take pride that my guns are not knock off clones and are original to a high level unLike the hundreds of PMG submissions I see All being the same dam gun a thousand times XC

As for the shotguns and the pistols Those are Commissions for a client I was paid good money to make the same design in different colors Ect
I hate them a lot but Im getting paid so Im not going to complain :meow:

The book you recommended to me Iv already poses it And its right above my computer at the moment
Reason is (Not to sound like Im bragging) My art is much more then any other artist one here Is because Iv spent alot of my time studying firearms

I Have firearms , I read about them , I draw them Ect
Im a guy that can take apart and reassemble a handgun Iv never held in my life before Only because Iv studded how to do such though books or just looking at a pic and figuring out how it would work.
Only Time Ill get stuck is if I forgot which way to turn a screw to take it out LOL

:meow: Yeah is a good book Not my favorite one though
The World Complete Encyclopedia of (Guns) by Fowler,North, Strong,& Sweeney Published by HERES HOUSE is my fav
maybe a few mags of firearms also I have a ton of books so I cant call
Illustrated directory of GUNS by David Miller is also an Epic book to have

Well I think its safe to say By the end of the year Ill have a complete monopoly on the Firearm design area of Devient Art
Not many artist can draw firearms well and know a shit load about them like me :3
Quality, Quantity, & Knowledge I have a great advantage on all :3

Thanks for the Watch Please feel free to fav anything you like Favs help my art go up in rank and get me closer to being on top as the best Firearm Artist on DA BTW Please help your self to my Group as well for the artist I have gathered also make great work :iconfirearmvault:
But DONT go to a group called WEAPON DESIGNERS there full of shit and kicked me out for childish reasons then trolled my art Despite the fact I made like 200 or there 300 pics in there gallery at the time :meow:
having popular firearm artist with them, They think there big shit Im going to give them a run for there money one day :3

any ways Im always on and posting new art So feel free to chat often if you like :meow:
megarockfan Featured By Owner May 2, 2010
Ah thank you for replying, I was not expecting a reply in such haste. Well I was thinking that your bullpup designs looked more like an AUG ( just because that's how I think). The reason I said half life may have been used as a reference, was because many of your hand guns look like one of the NPC weapons one so called Alyx gun (there's no real name), and your assault rifles and rifles have kind of a half life feel because of how they are designed (much like the only Sci-Fi rifle assault rifle in the game) example haven't found out how to appropriately link yet. And had I known they were commissions i would have said nothing so thank you for telling me. oh and I have already made an offer to join "firearms vault" (if you already know this and I'm sure you do I'm sorry for stating so). And thanks for the tip on weapons designers group, its good to know someone seemingly cares for me. again thank you for your time, and i expect to see more things from you in the future.
Souzousha Featured By Owner May 3, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:la: Sorry im back I was playing tthe Halo Beta thing :meow:
Started getting noobs So I decided to get back to drawing :meow:

Yeah on of my firearms looks just like a gun from half life I started laughing when I finally played the game And saw how similar they were ^-^

Well Thank you for joining my group ^-^ Please feel free to support my group members as well They greatly appreciate it ^-^

any questions just ask . . . Going to reply to the next message of yours now :3
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