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SKS Magizine Reference by Souzousha SKS Magizine Reference by Souzousha
:meow: Fav if you found useful.
FEW things to know between the SKS Siminov & the AK Kalashnikov - Involving he feeding operations & characteristic between these two firearms.

First before we start, IMHO SKS rifles (at least my Yugos & Russians, Do not suck. At the moment I only kept 2 Yugo rifles, Any issues Iv had with them were all the fault of the operator, None I could blame on the weapons. They are robust, reliable, and economically affordable to start with & shoot. I would gladly vouch for these 2 firearms.
As for a Norinco - I have not shot one yet, Handled & sold dozens with satisfied customers But haven't shot one, So I conclude the Norincos are just as solid. But I prefer Yugos

Photo 1 - Yugoslavian SKS (Attached is a 30rd magazine)
Photo 2 - Romanian? AES-10B (Attached is a 40rd magazine XC Sorry never got metal 30rd mags yet XC)
The two firearms appear to use the same magazine, This is the assumption of the average person. This is NOT True as you will see in a few moments.
Photo 3 - Original 1o round FIXED Magazine all SKS rifles are built with, Until removed for this upgrade, Detachable magazines were seen as less reliable as Fixed ones when developing the Kalashnikov, So the SKS was built as a more traditional weapon for when the Futuristic Kalashnikov turned out to be a flop. Didn't happen But SKS were still produced in case as a proven backup.
Photo 4 - These are CLIPS correctly used could reload your empty mag in seconds, thin metal strips hat hold in place 10 rounds of 7.62x39mm. They are placed on the SKS's bolt which locks back when empty & has a cut slot to place these clips in, Pressing downwards on the ammunition, the rounds enter the mag and are ready to be fired.
Stripper clips may be still used in replaced detachable magazines (But are less effective with higher capacity mags as spring tension builds.
Photo 5 -10rd detachable mag (Still effective with clips, But allowing to be removed.
Photo 6 -30rd detachable mag
Photo 7 -75rd detachable Drum (Cannot use clips on, Must manually windup and load from back.)
Photo 8- DUCK BILL, Referring to the protruding piece on top of SKS mags mimicking a Ducks Bill.
Photo 9 - Sks mag VZ AK Mag, Please note the Physical differences to each mag They are NOT INTERCHANGABLE (with a few exceptions of rarer models of SKS rifles made to accept Only Ak mags.)
Photo 10 - Drum mag Rear opened, Rounds are inserted through the back and rotate in a circular motion upwards.

Additional Note -
1 - SKS rifles can ONLY be loaded once the mag is empty and the bolt locks back, You CANNOT swap mags half way through as you could with an AK
a - To swap mags with ammunition still loaded, you MUST Manually hold the bolt back while releasing the catch. A bit of a task to do in comparison to the AK

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brickstar56 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
i got a national 40rd detachable steel mag for my yugo sks but it wouldn't feed is the 10rd detachable any good
Souzousha Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Likely nationality of both the magazine & then the rifle.

Iv seen some that like Chines norinco's & some that like Yugos. Switch them on the other & you'll be lucky if you can even get it to fit on, Let alone feed reliably.

(can I make the assumption you have a Norinco :3)

As for brands of mags to recommend I haven't picked up any mags of drums my Yugo didn't take well But saying that Iv stayed away from anything that looks shady at the shows.

10 round detach works fine, gives the SKS a FN49 look, But oddly sticks out much more the the fixed 10rd mag But having the same capacity. IDK

Heiryuu Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
thank you for uploading this. i've been needing a reference for this stuff. i'm hoping to mod my SKS sometime soon, like when i have money... and time...
Souzousha Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Just keep in mind when you take it apart, Don't force it back together, It it doesn't snap back into place check the position of you Safety switch, and try. Should be able to put the stock back on by hand.

Bent my trigger assembly after switch was in the wrong spot and I pressed enough on it. XC

Heiryuu Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
ah that's annoying and thanks for the tips!
Souzousha Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL Or leaving the gas block on when messing with the launcher sights on a Yugo & it starts jamming, Took me a while to learn why when I first got one.
ranisdeguery Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
you rock with those refs :]
Souzousha Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you , I do them from experience Some stuff you can never find the perfect photo of to help, So I know how it sucks to look & look for a single photo, Im hoping I could add a few more of these and make someone's life easier.

As well as to better educate others who normally wouldn't come across this info. Wish some one told me all I listed here before I bought my first SKS rifle, Would still bought it But would have been nice to know exactly what I was getting into.


Hopes it helps Need any refs like this just ask, If im already going to do one, Ill do it first

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